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In order to get a new set for your character, you need to collect all the Scroll in order to raise it through the Chaos machine.

  1. Fragments for Scrolls can be obtained from DS 5-6-7 or BC 8
  2. In order to get the scroll you need, you need to collect 5 fragments for the same scroll, after which the scroll you need will automatically appear in your inventory
  3. After that you need to make a mix like this through the Chaos Machine.
  • Jewel of Chaos 30
  • Jewel of Guardian 30
  • Jewel of Harmony 30
  • Scroll (Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves or Boots which you need)
  • Tier (3) +11 +4 Add Exc Item
  • Zen - 500.000.000
  • Success rate 100%

In order to get, for example, Armor, you need to collect a scroll for armor and the armor itself Tier (3)

ATTENTION !!!! If you mix with F.O. things, not the fact that you will get F.O. too. thing. It works randomly in the mix, things can turn out as +0 or +15, as 1 ex option and 6 ex options !!!


Set God Diamond - BK
Set Alpha - DL
Set Nightmare - SUM
Set Seeker - ELF
Set Dragon Blue - SM
Set Rage - MG


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